Each club, association or company has their own "podium" on the globalPodia™ database, which stores and manages their information. globalPodia™ currently is pricing usage for each podium based on the number of data records and photo volumes. The application manages:

  • People (members) that participate as individually or as part of
  • Teams, (crews or groups).
  • Trophies (and awards): details about each trophy include who donated it, what it has been awarded for and what is required to win. The trophies are linked to members, teams, events.
  • Events (and individual event dates)
  • The yacht club's assets (including yachts), with their details linked to the current and previous owners and awards. These assets are also linked to the other data records.

It is also important to recognize people's participation on boards of directors, committees, volunteering, etc.: every opportunity to identify a person's achievements should be encouraged.

To fairly price the usage of globalPodia™ the application produces a summary of the number of members, teams, events, trophies, and the related photos that are stored and linked to other records.

There is currently a minimum basic monthly Usage / License charge of $24 per month. Less than a dollar a day. Custom work will be evaluated with you and quoted, based on your requirements.

A larger club will have an annual licensing usage charge, calculated based on the totals of podium records and photos stored, divided by 10.

A club example:

RECORDS: Number:
1,900 Member records (past and present) 1,900
150 Trophies (including some currently not designated) 150
100 Events 100
2000 Event instances (eg: 1 per year, 20 instances per event) 2,000
125 Groups / Teams 125
100 Yachts 100
110 Trophy photos 110
300 Member photos 300
60 Yacht photos 60
50 Event photos 50
TOTAL entries = records and photos 4,895
Licensing usage charges: Yearly
# of entries / 10 $489.50