An administrative level username and password authorizes full access to a podium's settings and operation. ("my account" at the bottom of the screen).

The operations to add, change and delete records within tables are very intuitive and easy for volunteers and staff to upload and update information.

Photographs are easily selected and uploaded with the option to add descriptions and titles.

Podium Security and Passwords access:

A podium's records and data fields access can be restricted by requiring Usernames and Passwords.

A podium can have some of their information publicly available or have it restricted to member usage depending on which information is authorized to be displayed.

A podium can also choose to have certain fields within a member's record not displayed based on the settings of the administrator.

It is also possible that a podium cannot be accessed at all without a member sign on password.

There is an administrative password that allows your archivists and authorized people to access all information and change settings.

Photo Streaming display options:

Members like to be recognized for their participation and achievements. A special feature of globalPodia™ is the capability to display all photographs with the title and description automatically presented.

The photo display presents extremely well on a TV / Monitor in a bar or meeting area, displaying peoples' photos with their names and the events where they have participated. It also displays Trophies with their names and descriptions. All Yachts and other assets and events will also be displayed.

The slideshow randomly goes through the entire database of photos so there is variety in the presentation. Slideshow select features facilitate the inclusion or elimination of certain tables of photos. e.g.: include only yachts and trophies. Member photos only etc.

This photo display also works extremely well on a website. This may encourage new members to join, knowing that they will be recognized for their participation and achievements.

The globalPodia™ application stores the original photo that is uploaded and resizes it automatically for appropriate size for display and thumbnails.

Features document

Here's a short document which shows the main features of globalPodia.

We are also working on a video to provide an even better features presentation.

Click here to open Features pdf