January of 2021, the beginning of the 125th Anniversary Year for of the Kingston Yacht Club.

KYC was created on June 4, 1896, by a number of avid hard and soft water sailors as a boating and social club in response to opportunities presented by the unique environment offered by the winds and waters of Lake Ontario and the Great Cataraqui River at the source of the mighty St. Lawrence River.

Over the past 125 years, our originally small club has grown into a wonderful and popular watersports organization at the eastern end of Lake Ontario. Lead throughout the years by some very forward-thinking individuals and a multitude of wonderful volunteers, KYC has become an integral part of the Kingston Community. Our club has produced a legion of provincial, national and internationally renowned competitive sailors, recognized community leaders and solid citizens.

Every summer KYC teaches children and adults how to safely enjoy our marine environment and gives them the knowledge and skills needed for a lifetime of success. KYC teaches our youth how to adjust to changing conditions in their physical, social or and personal environments through swimming, sailing and cruising adventures on the waters of Kingston Harbour. Some of the joys offered at our lakeside location are the pleasures of a bright sunrise or peaceful sunset, the anticipation of an upcoming race-start or harbour cruise and the satisfaction of relaxing with friends after having enjoyed a full day within minutes of our homes. The lessons we learn help to increase our appreciation of the value of individual prowess in the context of team efforts.

Our focus on teaching a healthy respect for water safety and imparting an understanding of how quickly conditions can change provides the basics for successful human behaviour and the skills we all need to deal with other individuals, specialized equipment and our unique environment. These are all lessons that can set us up for success and the memories can last a lifetime.

There is no need at this time to dwell on the difficulties of the past few years. Floods, finances and Covid 19 have all sent their worst but as sailors on lifetime of adventures we have learned when and how to trim our sails and adjust our course.

KYC has successfully survived years of both high and low water, two world wars, several pandemics and both recessions and depressions.

To all past, present and future KYC members, let's ask ourselves how we can secure a strong and sustainable future for our "Cottage in the City" by donating your time, energy or financial support to our KYC fund-raising campaign soon to be launched.

Respectfully, Robert (Rob) Crothers, Commodore


With a history as one of Canada's oldest yacht clubs, KYC has a unique location in the heart of historic Kingston, minutes from downtown, City Park, Queen's University, the hospital complex, and a large residential community. It combines a quaint charm with superb wind and water conditions. In fact, KYC hosts numerous regattas, as well as events at the Canadian Olympic Regatta (CORK) every August. KYC was also the host club of the 1976 Olympic sailing events.

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